Introducing Our Latest Photoinitiators: LFC 5103 and LFC 5105

Introducing Our Latest Innovative incoming Photoinitiators: Premium and Standard BAPO-L


Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we are thrilled to introduce our two latest photoinitiators, Premium and Standard BAPO-L (respectively named as LFC 5103 and LFC 5105).
Both BAPO-L grades are based on cutting-edge BAPO-L technology. These new products promise to revolutionize the energy curing industry, offering enhanced performance and outperforming versatility for a wide range of applications, covering both traditional mercury lamps and fast growing LED equipment.

Through the last months, our technical team has showcased our latest innovation at various conferences, including RadTech Europe and RadTech US. The reception for these events has been overwhelmingly positive, with Premium and Standard BAPO-L receiving a warm welcome from industry experts and peers alike. This enthusiastic response further validates the exceptional performance and value of our new photoinitiators in addressing the evolving needs of the energy curing industry.

Premium BAPO-L (LFC 5103) stands out as our premium grade photoinitiator for BAPO-L is specifically designed for demanding applications such as food packaging and high-end printing inks, critical printing conditions and high thickness clear and pigmented coatings. With its exceptional reactivity, LFC 5103 surpasses industry standards, ensuring faster curing times and superior results. Furthermore, its high solubility in monomers, up to 50%, simplifies production processes, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in inks and coatings.

On the other hand, Standard BAPO-L (LFC 5105) is tailored for the conventional printing industry, as well as for industrial coatings and electronics. This versatile photoinitiator addresses solubility challenges commonly encountered in these applications while maintaining excellent reactivity. Whether used in traditional Hg-UV systems or modern LED curing setups, LFC 5105 delivers consistent performance and reliable results in clear and pigmented systems.
Additionally, Standard BAPO-L serves as a powerful tool enhancing manufacturing processes for inks and coatings by expanding access to liquid intermediates and reducing production time.

With both Premium and Standard BAPO-L, users can embrace LED technology without compromising on reactivity or solubility. These photoinitiators offer a seamless transition from conventional, poor soluble, BAPO options, empowering manufacturers to achieve faster production cycles and higher-quality output.

As we embark on the sampling phase for these groundbreaking products, we invite you to join us at the forefront of innovation in the energy curing industry. Contact us today to learn more about how Premium and Standard BAPO-L (LFC 5103 and LFC 5105) can elevate your processes and unlock new possibilities for your business. Experience the future of energy curing with our latest photoinitiators and stay ahead of the competition.

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