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adhesive and others




Energy curable technology adoption is gaining momentum in the adhesives market for enhanced packaging designs, laminating and pressure sensitive applications.

Aerospace and Defense


Energy curable materials are used to coat airframes, marine and tactical vehicles. They are also used for coating and bonding of electronics.

3D Printing  


Complex parts with high detail and good surface finishes can be made without expensive molds, dies and machining. Currently, the main use is for rapid prototyping—which can be done in hours instead of days.
This process produces three-dimensional parts from photosensitive resins that are cured by a UV-wavelength laser beam which follows a pattern generated from CAD / CAM data referred to as stereo-lithography technology.



Composites made from copolymerization of unsaturated polyesters and styrene in the presence of a glass fiber matrix release VOCs and experience compositional changes during conventional thermal curing. Emissions can be reduced by using an additional UV surface curing step. Products include shower stalls, bathtubs and boats.

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