UV LED Technology Is Efficient, Safe, and Sustainable

UV LED Technology Is Efficient, Safe, and Sustainable

UV curing technology with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) offers several advantages to energy curing compared to conventional UV lamps. Here are some of the benefits to this eco-friendly and energy saving technology: 

1.    Less Heat
Due to the low curing temperatures of LED, it is possible to coat materials that are sensitive to high temperature, such as plastic thermoretractable substrates and pin wood.

2.    More Uptime
The instant activation of LEDs means there is no warm-up time. Additionally, there is less downtime, producing more consistent yields and reduced waste with minimal maintenance.

3.    Greater Stability
LEDs provide more than 20,000 hours of operation, with only a slight drop-off over the life of the curing unit. Because of the uniformity and consistency of UV LEDs, designers can develop safer and more stable processes. 

4.    Efficient Floor Space Use
LED light sources can be used to build more compact coatings lines, with shorter web paths that minimize waste.

5.    Energy Consumption 
Users can save up to 70% or more on energy bills, a substantial cost savings, particularly as energy costs continue to rise.

6.    Safer Workplace
LEDs do not generate dangerous UV-C radiation, excessive heat, noise, or harmful ozone, which enhances employee safety and reduces the environmental impact. The disposal of gallium and mercury lamps is no longer required, avoiding any future compliance challenges.


Achieving Optimal Surface Cure with LED

Oxygen inhibition, single wavelength and cooling equipment are required with UV LED technology. To address oxygen inhibition, here are two methods to consider:

1.    Physical 
•    Increase UV light intensity or PI concentration
•    Add high viscosity monomer
•    Work under nitrogen
•    Add wax additives or laminate to create a barrier to oxygen diffusion

2.    Chemical 
•    Adjust the PI package for balanced cure optimization
•    Increase high functional acrylates
•    Adjust the amine modified acrylates for type I or type II, tertiary amine additives or phosphine and phosphite additives 
iGM Resins solutions

iGM Resins has several UV LED solutions that will enable our customers to enjoy its many benefits. These include: 
•    Esacure 3644 
•    Omnipol TP
•    Acrylate selection for LED
•    Photomer 4666, 6628, and 6692
•    Amines selection for LED

To learn more about our portfolio of UV-LED technologies, contact your local sales representative, email us at sales@igmresins.com, or review our product brochure.


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