IGM Resins Charlotte acrylate plant received the 2022 Air Compliance Excellence Award (ACE)

IGM Resins Charlotte acrylate plant received the 2022 Air Compliance Excellence Award (ACE)

September 8th, 2022

IGM Resins Charlotte plant is proud to be recognized for the ongoing Air Compliance Excellence with an annual ACE Award by the Mecklenburg County Air Quality (MCAQ). These awards are designed to highlight local industry’s efforts in achieving compliance with their air quality permits, thereby helping to reduce pollution and improve local air quality.

IGM Resins Charlotte Plant has been recognized for the 5th consecutive year and seven times out of last nine years. We are proud about this accomplishment, as award winners had to meet all terms of their air quality permit for an entire year in order to be eligible. This includes on-time submittal of reports, notifications, and fee payments; completion of any required emissions testing; a compliant annual inspection; and no notices of violation or nuisance dust/odor complaints recorded against the site.

Each and every employee working here at the Charlotte Plant was a part of air compliance in the last year. Our development team introducing new products and making sure everything is set up properly with the permit before beginning production, our operations team making sure we keep our materials in our vessels and pipes, maintenance keeping our equipment and emission controls running, and our SHE department ensuring all of our reporting was completed accurately and timely.

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