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如今,IGM Resins 被全球公认为是紫外光油墨和涂料行业产品和技术服务的开发,制造和供应方面的专家。

Our Purpose

We Enable the Transformation of Light… 

IGM is dedicated to the development of innovative energy curing technology offering integrated raw material solutions (photoinitiators, energy curing resins and additives) for UV curing formulations in our key markets Printing and Packaging, Industrial Coatings and 3D Printing, Electronics and Adhesives, and several niche markets.

UV-LED, UV or even day-light activates the photoinitiator-system which initiates the polymerization (curing/drying) of the formulation.

As a customer and market driven company, we offer technical and regulatory advice and support to our customers enabling them to provide high performing and compliant UV curing formulated systems to their customers. 

…for a Better Future. 

UV curing formulated systems are solvent free and have excellent performance properties contributing to a better and more sustainable future. 

 As part of our sustainability strategy, we focus on UNSDG 12 “Responsible Consumption” and 13 “Climate Action” where we as a company can have the most significant impact.  Initiatives under UNSDG 12 and 13 have a good fit with EcoVadis categories “Environment” and “Sustainable Procurement”.  In addition, we will focus on initiatives that align with EcoVadis categories “Labor and Human Rights” and “Ethics”. 

IGM Resins 在 90 年代末开始了其经营活动,最初是一家一人化学品贸易公司。从那时起,IGM 产品组合和结构一直在发展,以满足客户不断增长的技术需求。

 如今,IGM Resins 被全球公认为是紫外光油墨和涂料行业产品和技术服务的开发,制造和供应方面的专家。我们为紫外光固化生产和分销提供各种原材料:光引发剂,紫外光丙烯酸酯低聚物(环氧树脂,聚酯和聚氨酯)和单体,特种丙烯酸酯,甲基丙烯酸酯和添加剂。


 IGM 100% 致力于能源固化涂料行业,我们正在投资与之一起成长。我们正在扩大我们在研发、产品开发和制造方面的能力,以更好地服务于我们的客户和合伙人,并与他们合作开发下一代光引发剂和其他紫外光材料。

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