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Product development

Innovation at IGM

IGM develops innovative UV / EB technology providing solutions for customer problems, following market trends and by expanding market opportunities for the energy curing inks & coatings industry.

Product development is initiated by our sales and marketing team. They define the need to our R&D technicians and follow the project through the cycle, interfacing with customers or collaborators who may be involved.

Innovative Products for Market Needs

IGM is taking the lead in advancing UV technology. We are entirely focused on materials for energy curable coatings—100% of our R&D investment is in developing products to improve performance and / or remove technical barriers to open up new potential applications.

Our patented polymeric low-migration photoinitiators became the standard for use in UV food packaging inks, and positioned this technology for its current dominance in the food packaging industry. IGM’s latest innovations in the market include:


Developing Products and Relationships

Typically, IGM develops new UV / EB raw material products as solutions to customers’ formulation issues. However, many customers of all sizes rely on our R&D strength to help them develop energy curing inks and coatings for specific applications—particularly in new markets.

Our collaborative approach has often fostered mutual growth, and IGM has multiple active co-development projects with several of our longstanding customers.

R&D and Toll Manufacturing

IGM can develop the specific material you need and manufacture it according to your specifications in bench, pilot or commercial quantities. Chemical synthesis of acrylates is performed in our R&D Centers in North America and China, which work closely with on-site advanced-technology pilot plants. Our main Application Center in Europe provides testing and support for IGM’s developing products.


Our knowledgeable sales team will help you select the right product for your formulation—or guide you to our technical team for customization.