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Custom blending

IGM Customization Capabilities

A fully integrated supplier that is 100% focused on the UV / EB curable coatings industry, IGM Resins is committed to helping our customers obtain the best possible properties from their formulations. And although we offer the market’s broadest product range of all energy curing raw materials, the ideal solution for a customer’s application may require a tailored approach:

  • Custom blending
  • Chemical synthesis to IGM’s existing products
  • Development of new products
  • Toll manufacturing

IGM provides this support to our global customers through our application and development centers and manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Custom Blending

IGM can create a custom blend of our materials to cut your production time or avoid potential issues with difficult-to-handle UV materials, including photoinitiators in powder form. We can also develop proprietary photoinitiator blends, including curing packages to solve compatibility issues with pigments in specialty coatings. IGM’s services include Just-in- Time blending and delivery.

Modification of Existing Products

We can use chemical synthesis to modify our Photomer® acrylates—including our new high renewable content acrylates—to meet your specific formulation requirements.

New Product Development

IGM can develop a new product to solve a specific problem with your formulation, or can work with you to develop energy curable coatings or inks for a new application. We have a strong track record of UV materials innovation and of partnering with our customers.

Toll Manufacturing

IGM can blend, modify or develop the specific material you need—and manufacture it according to your specifications in bench, pilot or commercial quantities.


Our knowledgeable sales team will help you select the right product for your formulation—or guide you to our technical team for customization.