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IGM Resins registers its products with regulatory inventories such as TSCA and REACH to provide our customers around the world with a broad range of energy curable materials that meet their coatings formulation needs. We comply with regulations regarding specific uses for our products—like coatings for food packaging or toys—and advise customers on the appropriate products for regulated applications.

We also inform our customers about safe transport and handling of our products and how to safely use them in their manufacturing processes. IGM provides safety data sheets that comply with national and regional requirements. In addition, we comply with all requirements noted in our customer agreements.

For more information, please contact IGM’s Compliance and Regulatory Manager.
Click here to download the IGM Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers


REACH Statement - IGM Products

Valued Customer of IGM:

The 2018 REACH deadline is approaching. As a conscientious supplier IGM understands the need of our customers to plan their business activities post REACH.

We are pleased to confirm that IGM has been working on the registration of our portfolio of products over the last year. The registration process for the majority of our portfolio via consortia activities by direct registration and by joint submission are progressing and will be completed against the registration deadlines.  Where assigned, the REACH registration numbers have been added to the product SDS. As further registrations are completed the relevant SDS’s will be updated, available on our website and supplied to customers.

In the case that a product will not be supported through REACH, please be assured that customers will be informed of product withdrawal from the IGM portfolio in a timely manner.

Please note there are substances supplied by IGM that are exempt from registration.


J Huiberts

Company President
IGM Group

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