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Photoinitiators - Cationic

IGM supplies cationic photoinitiators for cationic printing inks and overprint varnishes aimed at niche applications such as can coating, coil coating and pharmaceutical packaging. Cationic photoinitiators are ideally suited for these coatings due to their low viscosity, high solvent resistance, low shrinkage after polymerization, and superior adhesion. Some are free of benzene and characterized by low odor. The Omnicat range is available as a powder as well as a dilution.

Omnicat 432 | mixed triarylsulfonium hexafluorophosphate salts (45%) in propylene carbonate (55%)

Mixture of triarylsulfonium hexafluorophosphate salts and propylene carbonate, for
cationic curing of epoxy, oxetane, and vinyl ether formulations

Omnicat 440 | cas no. 60565-88-0 | 4,4’-dimethyl-diphenyl iodonium hexafluorophosphate

Low odour, benzene free iodonium hexafluorophosphate salt for cationic curing of epoxy,
oxetane, and vinyl ether formulations

Omnicat 445 | cas no. 60565-88-0 + 3047-32-3 | mixture of Omnicat 440 (50%) in Oxetane (50%)

New liquid iodonium salt for cationic curing of epoxy, oxetane and vinyl ether formulations

Omnicat 550 | cas no. 591773-92-1 | 10-biphenyl-4-yl-2-isopropyl-9-oxo-9H-thioxanthen-10-ium hexafluorphosphate

Reactive polymeric photoinitiator designed for use in cationic curing inks and coatings particularly suited to use in pigmented inks and not sensitised by either hydroxyketone photoiniators, thioxanthones or anthracene derivatives

Omnicat BL 550 | cas no. 591773-92-1 + 108-32-7 + 2386-87-0 | mixture of Omnicat 550 (20%) in propylene carbonate (25%) and UVR 6105 (55%)

Liquid photoinitiator blend, based on the Omnicat 550 (20%), Propylene Carbonate (25%) cycloaliphatic epoxy (55%)