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Acrylates - Specialties & others

Photomer 2006 | cas no. 3290-92-4 | trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA)

Highly reactive trifunctional crosslinking agent which has polymerizing characteristics similar to those of methyl methacrylate

Photomer 2012 | cas no. 7534-94-3 | isobornyl methacrylate (IBOMA)

Low viscosity monofunctional methacrylated monomer which can be polymerized in the presence of free radicals

Photomer 2050 | cas no. 25852-47-5 | polyethylene glycol (200) di-methacrylate

Di functional methacrylated monomer with low skin irritation and with good flexibility and chemical resistance

Photomer 2812 | cas no. 142-90-5 | lauryl methacrylate (LMA)

Low viscosity monofunctional methacrylate with excellent flexibility properties suitable for coatings and adhesives

Photomer 4173 | acid functional acrylate

Proprietary UV/EB curable acrylate oligomer of low functionality and low viscosity, designed primarily for use in etch-resist inks for printed circuit board manufacture