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News & Events

Thanks for visiting us at Radtech Conference and Exhibition 2017

10 November 2017

RadTech Europe aims to promote the benefits and use of UV/EB curing technology by providing an organised, collaborative platform on which to interact and share information and documentation, increase the profile of radiation curing, organise and participate in educational, informative, networking events, committees, and working groups on relevant industry topics  and achieve effective representation in public affairs initiatives.

With its headline topic ‘UV/EB: best in class!’, and taking place at the well-received Clarion Hotel, Prague, 17-19 October, the RTE Conference and Exhibition 2017 was a large and lively event, with an in-depth formal agenda complemented by an extensive on-site supplier exhibition and strong networking opportunities. It offered a detailed update about technologies, markets and legislation in a wide variety of applications, ranging from industrial coatings and packaging to electronics, automotive components and 3D printing/additive manufacturing.

The event’s agenda had been structured to provide a detailed update on innovations and developments for major materials and equipment suppliers at all levels, as well as for those end users whose needs they serve.

IGM Resins had a major presence at RadTech 2017. We had a 20 square meter booth, where sales and technical personnel met with many current and prospective customers.

During the congress Gabriele Norcini, Technical Manager EMEA, gave a presentation entitled “ Novel Acyl phosphine oxide photoinitiators”, detailing upcoming product launches and new developments,  that was met with great interest by the audience.