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IGM Resins Appoints Dr. Stephen Postle VP of Technology

19 August 2016

IGM Resins Appoints Dr. Stephen Postle VP of Technology
New executive team member to define and implement strategy

Waalwijk, the Netherlands — 19 August 2016 IGM Resins B.V., a leading global producer and supplier of radiation curable materials, has expanded its executive team with the addition of Dr. Stephen Postle, who joined the Company as Vice President of Technology, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Edward Frindt. 

“Steve brings strong creative and commercial skills and experience in managing innovation, intellectual property and new product commercialization in all six continents,” said Frindt. “He will guide IGM’s continuing development of next generation radiation-curable materials to meet customers’ needs and broaden market applications.”

Dr. Postle has global responsibility for research and development, applications, and compliance. His long career in the inks and coatings industry includes 16 years in R&D and knowledge management roles at Sun Chemical Corporation, most recently serving as Executive Director of Intellectual Property Assets. Previously, he held a number of international management positions in marketing and R&D for Dexter Corporation, Total S.A. and Ciba A.G. He holds more than 50 first-issue patents in diverse areas including inks, coatings, photographic dyestuffs, color management, security, photovoltaics and imitation stained glass windows. He obtained his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees in organic chemistry from the University of Oxford, England, and completed a Salter’s Institute Research Fellowship in organometallic chemistry at the University of Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and member of the American Chemical Society and Oil & Colour Chemists Association.


About IGM Resins

IGM specializes in the development, manufacture and supply of products and technical services to the global UV ink, coatings and adhesives industry. IGM develops, produces and distributes a full range of radiation curable materials including acrylate oligomers and monomers, photoinitiators, and additives from manufacturing facilities in the EU, USA, and Asia, supported by technical labs in the EU, USA, Asia, and South America to help create next generation energy curable coatings, inks and adhesives. For more information, visit: