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For the last 45 years, UV / EB energy curing technology has found its way in many markets. Experiencing high growth for many years, the future looks bright as UV/EB is adopted by more and more applications and industry branches. Not only as the most environmentally friendly technology, due to its low energy consumption and low volatile organic compounds, but also due to performance and economic advantages such as high scratch and chemical resistance and the high cost ratio benefits.
With increased government and corporate emphasis on regulation, innovation, renewable materials, emerging energy technologies and sustainability, opportunities for UV/EB technology are expanding rapidly.

IGM Resins’ technical team continuously works closely together with our customers developing new and modified products. Our product development is focused on providing solutions for market needs and its future challenges.
Our latest product introductions have been focused on  low migration coatings for food and pharmaceutical packaging, very low gloss and matte coatings, and  more sustainable coatings.
Innovative and analytical forces are bundled at our applications centres in China, France and the USA, focusing on translating market needs into customer solutions.

Key Applications

IGM Resins provides their services and technical solutions to a broad range of industries, among which the packaging and printing industry, wood, plastic and metal coatings industry along with the electronics and adhesives industry and other special applications.
In most areas, UV / EB is expected to grow, but applications such as UV LED, inkjet and 3D printing anticipate most rapid growth.


Our knowledgeable sales team will help you select the right product for your formulation—or guide you to our technical team for customization.