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Our approach

IGM. We bring it all together.

Our unique approach and 100% focus on UV / EB curable technologies have made IGM Resins the leading provider of raw materials and solutions to the industry. IGM’s integrated platforms enable us to work with our customers to resolve their issues, help them improve their products and partner with them to develop next generation energy curable coatings, adhesives and inks.

Energy Cure Industry Focus

With our dedicated focus on energy curable materials, IGM Resins works closely with customers serving key applications and is sensitive to the needs of their markets. This guides our R&D efforts to develop materials to address current and emerging needs to keep our customers at the forefront of market trends. For example, our new products include UV resin systems to provide very low gloss and odor for coatings and overprint varnishes; integrated systems with low migration for food packaging; and high renewable content acrylates to make UV / EB curable coating even more sustainable.

Integrated Product Portfolio

IGM is unique in producing and distributing a full range of all UV / EB materials including acrylate oligomers and monomers, photoinitiators, and additives. This integrated platform and breadth of product lines enables us to meet our customers’ specific application needs.

Full Service Technical Support

Technical labs in the EU, USA, Asia, and South America enable IGM’s experienced applied technology team members to test our products’ performance in customers’ formulations and help customers solve application issues. IGM’s R&D labs in the USA and Asia work with customers to customize our products and develop new ones to help UV / EB coatings penetrate new markets.

Global Production and Local Availability

IGM offers assured global supply from manufacturing facilities in the EU, USA, and Asia. Our sales and distribution network can quickly supply consistent materials to customers in all major energy curing coatings markets.