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IGM History

Growth of an Industry Leader

Founded in October 1999, IGM Resins has grown from a one-man chemical company startup to the leading supplier of raw materials and solutions to the UV / EB coatings, adhesives and inks industry. Our dedication to helping customers with solutions to their needs spurred IGM’s evolution and continuing expansion.

In the first years of the millennium, IGM focused on providing UV photoinitiators and establishing relationships with key producers for our supply chain. IGM then developed excellent sourcing exclusively of UV raw materials such as photoinitiators, acrylates and additives, strengthened our distribution network to optimize delivery, expanded our global sales and service locations, and added to our advanced manufacturing and technical capabilities.

Arsenal Capital Partners acquired the majority share of IGM in September 2012 and is investing to accelerate growth. Today, IGM Resins is a full service provider of photoinitiators, monomers, oligomers, additives, and technical service solutions to the UV / EB industry.

IGM’s Photomer® brand of acrylates is established in the industry and the company is a global market leader in photoinitiators. Our R&D team is exploring new enhanced performance photoinitiators, and we are continuing to expand our technical capabilities to create new high value solutions for the energy curing marketplace.